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Packages that use WebTrackBase Contains sample codes of web actions.   

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 class ACGT
          Web action: ACGT
 class BEDViewer
          BED viewer
 class BSSReadView
          BSS Read Viewer
 class ChromosomeMap
          draw chromosome map
 class CSEGViewer
 class DASDsn
          Read DAS DSN
 class DASViewer
          Request handler
 class DotPlot
          Web action: DotPlot
 class EchoBackView
          Request handler
 class FontMetric
          Request handler
 class FontPanel
          Font panel
 class GeneViewer
          Gene Viewer
 class KeywordSearch
          Web action: KeywordSearch
 class LoadView
          Get the view data from the user's file via POST request, and return the data by embedding it in an HTML.
 class MethylViewer
          Request handler
 class ReadView
          Web action for querying data in a specified window in a genome
 class SAMViewer
          Web action: SAMViewer
 class ScaleBar
          Web action: ScaleBar
 class Sequence
          SubSequence retrieves a genome sequence of the specified target in the range (start, end) (inclusive)
 class SnappyVersion
          Web action: SnappyVersion
 class Transparent
          Web action: Transparent renders a transparent PNG

Uses of WebTrackBase in

Subclasses of WebTrackBase in
 class UsingTemplate
          Web action: UsingTemplate

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