Package org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.client.track.lib

Standard track library for UTGB browser.


Class Summary
BEDTrack Deprecated. Use ReadTrack instead
ChromosomeMapTrack ChromosomeMapTrack is for visualizing Chromosome Map.
CSEGTrack Track for displaying read data in SEG format.
DASTrack DASTrack is for visualizing data that can be located on das data.
GenomeTrack GenomeTrack for visualizing data on genome sequences using an image URL or an HTML page embedded in IFRAME tag.
GenomeTrackTextTest GenomeTrack is for visualizing data that can be located on genome sequences.
KeywordSearchTrack Keyword Search using utgb-keyword service
MiniBrowserTrack Track for embedding HTML page via iframe tag.
NavigatorTrack Navigator of the UTGB
ReadTrack Track for displaying read data in BED,SAM,BAM formats.
RefSeqTrack Reference sequence track
RibbonRulerTrack Track for displaying ribbon coordinates
RulerTrack RulerTrack
SAMQueryTrack Track for displaying SAM/BAM query result
SAMTrack Track for displaying SAM information
ScaleBarTrack Scale bar
ScrollButtonTrack ScrollButtonTrack has several move buttons that relocate a TrackWindow.
SequenceRulerTrack SequenceRulerTrack is a ruler on an entire sequence (a chromosome or scaffold).
ToolBoxTrack ToolBoxTrack has a list of Tracks.
ValueSelectorTrack ValueSelectorTrack displays a set of text values.
ViewLoaderTrack Track for loading view files in Silk format.
WIGGraphCanvasTrack WIG Track for displaying graph data, including bar chart, heat map, etc.
WIGTrack WIG data track
WindowControlTrack Track window control buttons

Package org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.client.track.lib Description

Standard track library for UTGB browser.

To use a track in this package, you have to insert a track description to your view file (e.g., config/view/ Note that, in Silk format, you cannot use TAB characters for indentation. Use spaces before '-' symbol.

Track description example

-track -name: (track name) -class: KeywordSearchTrack

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