Package org.utgenome.gwt.widget.client

Interface Summary
ImageLoader.CallBack Interface to allow anonymous instantiation of a CallBack Object with method that gets invoked when all the images are loaded.
TrackButtonListener Listener interface for handlign button push events
UTGBImageBundle Graphic Resource list of UTGB Interface

Class Summary
DragListener Mouse drag listener support
FrameBorder Bordered Window
HorizontalBorder Horizontal Border for FrameBorder
HorizontalTrackFrame Track panel that has the horizontal layout.
Icon Icon image which flips on mouse over events
ImageHandle If I say an image element is a JavascriptObject...
ImageLoader Provides a mechanism for deferred execution of a callback method once all specified Images are loaded.
NowLoadingIcon Now loading button.
StringUtil Utiltiles for manipulating strings in GWT client codes
Style Style is a helper class to edit CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) design of widgets by setting their DOM properties.
Switch Flip/Flop type widget
Tab Tab widget for the tab panel
TabbedTrackFrame Tabbed frame
TrackButtonListenerAdapter Implemetation support for TrackButtonListener interface
TrackTitleBar Title bar of the track
TrackWindowPanel Track panel of the window shape
UTGBDesignFactory Icon generator.
VerticalDraggableTrackPanel VerticalPanel with Drag & Drop support

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