Class TabEntry

  extended by
      extended by
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All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,, TabEventListener

public abstract class TabEntry
implements TabEventListener

A TabEntry is a single panel of the TabViewer. They are meant to be lazily instantiated so that the viewer doesn't load all of the tabbed panels. Each TabEntry is expected to have a static factory() method that will be called by the TabViewer on startup. createInstance() must be defined in eath TabEntryFactory. Example: clsss MyTab extends TabEntry { pubic static TabEntryFactory factory() { return new TabEntryFactory("my tab", "a description of the tab") { public TabEntry createInstance() { return new MyTab(); } }; } }


Nested Class Summary
static class TabEntry.TabEntryFactory
          Encapsulated information about a TabEntry.
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Method Summary
 void onFocus()
 void onLostFocus()
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Constructor Detail


public TabEntry()
Method Detail


public void onFocus()
Specified by:
onFocus in interface TabEventListener


public void onLostFocus()
Specified by:
onLostFocus in interface TabEventListener

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