Package org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.client.track

Interface Summary
RangeSelectable An interface for tracks supporting range selection.
Track Track is an interface for implementing your own track.
TrackConfigChange Change notifier of TrackConfig
TrackEntry TrackEntry is a common interface for Track and TrackGroup.
TrackGroupProperty TrackGroupProperty is an interface to read property values defined in a TrackGroup
TrackGroupPropertyChange Notification of TrackGroupProperty change
TrackGroupPropertyWriter TrackGroupPropertyWriter is an interface to write TrackGroupProperty values.
TrackInfoChangeListener Listener class for track information change
TrackLayoutManager TrackLayoutManager manages layout (vertical layout position) of tracks
TrackUpdateListener An interface for handling addition and removal of tracks
UTGBProperty Common properties shared in a track group

Class Summary
Design Design class gathers image file names
Track.TrackFactory TrackFactory helps to create new Track instance, which can be used to defer its instantiation.
TrackBase TrackBase is a base class that supports to implement your own Tracks.
TrackConfig Track configuration panel.
TrackFrame TrackFrame wraps your Track, then decorates the track with window manipulation buttons, a track label, drag & drop facility, etc.
TrackGroup A TrackGroup manages a set of tracks.
TrackInfo TrackInfo class holds track name, track id, descriptions etc.
TrackQueue TrackQueue is a widget that draws tracks
TrackRangeSelector TrackRangeSelector supports range selection on a displayed track.
TrackUpdateListenerAdapter An adapter class for implementing TrackUpdateListener
TrackWindow TrackWindow manages a track-window size and a region on the genome displayed in the window.

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