Uses of Class

Packages that use UTGBConfig
org.utgenome.config UTGB's configuration data objects 
org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.server UTGB's server-side libraries for supporting web request handling, managing database connections, initialization of UTGB web applications, etc.   

Uses of UTGBConfig in org.utgenome.config

Methods in org.utgenome.config that return UTGBConfig
 UTGBConfig TrackConfiguration.convert()
static UTGBConfig UTGBConfig.parse(URL configResource)
          Parse the input config file in Silk format, and return the UTGBConfig instance
static UTGBConfig UTGBConfig.parseSilk(String silk)

Uses of UTGBConfig in org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.server

Methods in org.utgenome.gwt.utgb.server that return UTGBConfig
static UTGBConfig UTGBMaster.getUTGBConfig()
protected static UTGBConfig UTGBMaster.loadUTGBConfig()

Uses of UTGBConfig in

Methods in that return UTGBConfig
 UTGBConfig UTGBShellCommand.loadUTGBConfig()

Methods in with parameters of type UTGBConfig
 void ScaffoldGenerator.createGWTModuleScaffold(UTGBConfig config)
 void ScaffoldGenerator.createProjectScaffold(UTGBConfig config)
static void Create.createScaffold(UTGBConfig config, String outputFolder, Create.ScaffoldFileFilter generateFileFilter)
 void ScaffoldGenerator.prepareTemplatePropeties(UTGBConfig config)
static String Repair.toSilk(UTGBConfig config)

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