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Packages that use UTGBCommandBase
org.utgenome.core.cui CUI commands.   

Uses of UTGBCommandBase in org.utgenome.core.cui

Subclasses of UTGBCommandBase in org.utgenome.core.cui
 class Convert
 class DrawHistogram
 class ImportBustard
 class ReadStat
 class SAM2Silk
 class ScreenShot
          screenshot commant to take a image data of the read view
 class Snappy
          Snappy compresser/decompressor

Uses of UTGBCommandBase in

Subclasses of UTGBCommandBase in
 class AddAction
          A UTGBShell sub-command for adding new action class
 class Clean
          UTGB Shell Sub Command for cleaning target directory
 class Compile
          A UTGBShell sub command for compiling java source codes with Maven
 class Create
          Create sub command
 class Deploy
 class Eclipse
          A sub command to generate Eclipse project files
 class FastqRename
 class FastqToFasta
          fastq2fasta command
 class FastqToSAM
 class GWT
          A sub command for creating a GWT interface
 class GWTCompile
 class Illumina2Fastq
 class Import
          import command
 class Keyword
          keyword DB management tool
 class Maven
          Maven utility
 class Pack
          creating packed FASTA
 class QSeqToFastq
 class Repair
 class Sam2Wig
 class SAMToFastq
 class Sequence
          Retrieve the genome sequence from the pack file
 class Server
          A UTGB sub command for starting up a UTGB portable server
 class SVNAdd
          Sub-command to add the current project to the subversion repository
 class Upgrade
 class UTGBShellCommand
          A base implementation of the UTGBShell's sub commands
 class UTGBShellCommandBase

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