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      The Hd-rR and HNI medaka inbred strains originated in the southern and northern parts of Japan, respectively, which were separated by a watershed, and the strains diverged approximately 18 million years ago. We generated six methylomes of medaka genomes at single-base resolution using genomic DNA from three libraries (liver, blastulae, and testes) of the two strains, treating it with bisulphite, and subjecting it to Illumina sequencing. In total, 1.8 billion reads were produced and 44 billion nucleotides were uniquely mapped to the genome, with an average depth of nine fold for each cell line of each strain. An average of ~78% of each medaka genome was covered by at least one read.

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      Genome-wide genetic variations are highly correlated with proximal DNA methylation patterns.
      Genome Res. in press